As a Musician

I play with JP & Yeti (Facebook Page)

New EP release by JP & Yeti 2017
"Rumklang i tomme sale"

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Stop Making Sence (Talking Heads Tribute)


"BASSBALLS a.k.a AK-58"
A Power trio that Plays Euro - Funk/Fusion

Full Speed Ahead


Me and my BassGuitars

In the past I have played with:

PiCN!CFunk Connection
Eurobeat Orchestra - Annione - Dicte - MC Zip - Willie Garvin -
Guttermaendene -
Mikael Zacho Trio - Fullface Bigband - DND 2000

Here is a link to YouTube where you can watch more old music videos,
I have participated in, and other musical goodies
Click here

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